December 2009 S.W.A.M. Inc

The Recorder

Stuff With A Message is Restoring the Call of Repentance--to the Earth
The year is 2020 and it has been a challenging year. COVID-19 and all the chaos, controversial claims and the economy of the United States, and her people, as well as other countries has been under attack. Using the threat of COVID, state governments have shut down churches and Congress proves unwilling to provide leadership along with the President. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats go home while the President keeps working. Those are just the facts. 
Here is a TRUTH bomb. Jesus Christ is still The King. True prophets are beginning to reach out with the ancient message of repentance...finally! There is a true repentance and feigned one. True repentance includes turning to Jesus and trusting Him and the process it will take to free you from the affects and effects of sin done by us and to individuals and as a nation. The Good News!!! Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it, BUT that mankind might come to believe, and yet, He leaves that up to us. He has provided the way and He is the way because of the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection. He has overcome death, hell and the grave. As we attempt to preserve our life here on earth, we must come to the realization that our life is NOT preserved, unless, we chose and trust in Jesus Christ, and Him crucified. I would love to hear from you and walk with you in prayer, in repentance and closer to Our Lord...together. I, we, look forward to hearing from you.